Joshua Gabriel (birth name Joshua Gabriel Lunsk) is a New York based artist, musician, and graphic designer whose work combines drawing, video projection, murals, music, and performance. jG updates the aesthetic of psychedelia to create a kind of hybrid space in which a mythologized version of his own ego, constructed of variable disposable personae, is at the center. Drawing on his experiences as a visual artist and musical performer in the New York underground, his work leans towards spectacle, drawing on sacred objects and readymades, projecting onto walls, and combining the abstract and figurative in a riot of color. Born and raised in Philadelphia, jG received his BFA from the Tyler School of Art, and his MFA from Brooklyn College. Joshua Gabriel has created large scale murals throughout New York City and has exhibited and performed in the United States.

Selected Exhibitions


2021   EGOMYSTICAL, The Living Gallery, Brooklyn, NY

2017   Windows at Garmany, James Yarosh Associates Fine Art Gallery, Homdel, NJ

2015   MicroCosmic, Highwire Gallery, Philadelphia, PA

2012   Portraits, Highwire Gallery, Philadelphia, PA

2008   New Works, Fusion, Santa Cruz, CA

2007   Between the Lines, Dalva, San Francisco, CA

2005   The Hierographyx Installation, Qbix Gallery, Philadelphia, PA

2004   On Top of My Game, Teddy’s, Brooklyn, NY

2003   Enter Fire, Mata-Lopez Gallery, New York, NY

2000   Bassline Art, Alchemy, New York, NY

1998   Altar Boxes, Fiend Gallery, New York, NY


2023   The Secret Garden, Loft 38, New York, NY

2021   Apparitions, Paradice Palase, Brooklyn, NY

2021   Lumina, Local Project Art Space, Long Island City, NY

2021   iLLUSiONAL, Chashama, New York, NY

2019   It’s summer and I’m running out of ice, The Living Gallery, Brooklyn, NY

2018   If your life is burning well, poetry is just the ash, 601 Artspace, New York, NY

2017   Form and Force, Trestle Gallery, Brooklyn, NY

2016   Winter Member Salon, Trestle Gallery, Brooklyn, NY

2014   Reuse Remixed: Small Works Show, Materials For The Arts, Long Island City, NY

2002   Regional Juried Exhibition, Artforms Gallery, Philadelphia, PA

2001   National Juried Exhibition, Phoenix Gallery, New York, NY

Public Art

2022   Mural, Bedstuy Walls - Thrive Collective, Brooklyn, NY

2022   Mural, Thrive Collective Headquarters, Brooklyn, NY

2019   Mural, IS/PS 30, Bay Ridge, Brooklyn, NY

2017   Mural, 362 Lincoln Place, Brooklyn, NY

2016   Mural, Yaar restaurant, Astoria, Queens, NY

2015   Security gate mural, 100 Gates NYC project, New York, NY

2015   Mural, 2 Duck Goose, Gowanus, Brooklyn, NY

2014   Mural, Sneakah Boutique, Teaneck, NJ

2012   Two murals, International Stone Collections, Bedford-Stuveysant, Brooklyn, NY


1998   Mixtape 1 (cassette)

1999   Mixtape 2 (cassette)

2000   Movement No. I (album)

2001   Mixtape 3 (cassette)

2001   Movement No. II (album)

2002   Two Turntables, Two Bongos (cassette)

2003   The Midnight Off the Top Freestyle Sessions 1-4 (cassettes)

2004   JOSHUAGABRIEL (album)

2005   21st Century Blues (ep)

2008   Walk the Plank (album)

2009   1 World/Waiting (single)

2010   3rd Chance (ep)

2012   Book of Gemini (album)

2013   Slide Away (single)

2014   Joans (single)

2015   2,000,000 Light Years (ep)

2016   Everyone is Waiting For You (album)

2020   Piano Flourish (single)

2021   The Sabbatical Suite (ep) with adrienne maree brown

2024   Saint State Street: Burden Down (ep)